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Reach Your Fitness Goals

Reach your fitness goals and get the best workout experience at the 24-hour gym, Defined Lines Training in Brandon, MB. Led by our award-winning Figure Pro athlete Katy Unruh, we are experts in professional body sculpting.

Total Body Conditioning
Defined Lines Training specializes in weight management, creating lean body muscle mass and total body conditioning. We will increase your muscle balance, agility and flexibility while providing core training, nutritional guidance and much more.

Fitness Gym
Defined Lines Training offers a main gym with a stretching and posing area as well as a general area. The back room has two squat racks and cable systems along with back and chest training with weights and chains so that a more serious athlete can get a full workout. This area offers more privacy, adjustable speakers and opens up to outside training with tires and sledge hammer usage and a 2k running track plus a 1k training hill for speed and endurance training. We also offer our “Four on the Floor” program which is a type of boot camp where we train up to 4 people with 1 trainer privately. Outdoor boot camps are available in warmer weather. Complete fitness assessments and shake and towel services are also provided. Come join us this summer around our sunning deck and pool.

Our Motto - Strength, Support & Success
We care about our clients at Defined Lines Training. You will receive personalized, one-on-one training from our knowledgeable and encouraging staff. If you are trying to lose weight following a pregnancy or simply want to get back in shape, we can help. We are pleased to work with people living with Lupus, MS, cancer and other auto-immune diseases. Defined Lines Training offers gym memberships with discounts for students and seniors.

Service & Integrity
Through your hard work and ours, we can help you reach your goals. Defined Lines Training believes in service and integrity. Our program is believable and obtainable. Get started on your newly sculpted body today!

We trust Kaizen Platinum, the finest protein for building a better body!